Schola Rosa

RAS Schola Rosa

Rolling Acres School’s Schola Rosa: Home & Co-op program, a PreK to 6th grade Catholic, classical, Charlotte Mason inspired program, is easily accessed online, and provides materials for English/Poetry, Religion/Catechism, Science, Art, Music, History, Virtue-Training, Latin/Greek and incorporates the Classically Catholic Memory program.

In addition to lesson plans for these subjects, the online suite includes worksheets, group activity/field trip plans, digital books, audio readings, links to resources, maps, and more. There is also a “Co-op Manager's Manual” with directions, how-to videos, and sample forms to aid a prospective co-op in getting up and running. As the title implies, there are materials for the entire week—for the home and the co-op day. The program covers Pre-K through 6th grade, but the provider also offers middle and high school courses 
for co-op use that complement the style and sequence of Schola Rosa. Please visit: to learn more.

Finally, please note that CCM's partnership with RAS is simply a way to try and 'cross-market/cross-promote' their program by letting our customers know about the availability of this great resource.  As described above, CCM materials are used as part of their larger Schola Rosa program.  You, of course, are free to use CCM materials on your own or within your completely autonomous co-op.