Beginning on Saturday, June 22nd, we will be taking our annual summer hiatus from shipping orders.  We will resume shipping orders on Thursday, July 18.  You certainly can place an order during this time, but please note that it will not be shipped until the middle of July.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We also would like to point out that we have made a slight adjustment to the payment steps on our website.  To minimize confusion, we have broken up the ordering/payment process in separate steps so that you can make a clear choice between paying with PayPal or a Credit Card.  Despite this improvement, our website still continues to send an order confirmation before payment is processed (which we agree can be very confusing).  So, in some instances, you may receive an email confirming your order, without your payment actually going through.  In these instances, we will notify you via email that the payment did not go through and offer you options for completing your purchase should you still wish to do so.

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